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Tips for a Healthier Holiday For many ’tis the season for eating, drinking and being merry. The holidays are a wonderful time of year for enjoying the company of friends and family that very often is facilitated by copious amounts of food and drink. Mentally, many write off healthy habits during the holidays in anticipation of January 1st to pledge our customary New Year’s resolutions. Even for those who are strong and determined enough the holiday obstacle course of high-fat foods, alcohol and partying can seem insurmountable.

Here are 10 top tips that can help make this holiday season a healthier one

1) Don’t try to diet during the holidays. Be realistic and set yourself the goal of maintaining your current weight. Setting yourself an achievable goal will mean that you can indulge in moderation without going all out.

2) Bring a low-calorie dish to holiday celebrations, the host and fellow guests will be very appreciative and you can relax in the knowledge that there is at least one “safe” item. Avoid the buffet, whilst you are mingling you may inadvertently nibble constantly.

3) Pace yourself, be mindful of how and what you eat. Eat slowly and savor the flavor, give your brain time to catch up with your stomach to stop eating when you are actually full.

4) Don’t let your exercise regime fall by the wayside. The increased consumption of fat-laden foods can leave you feeling lethargic and combined with your busy social calendar, working out can be a challenge. Make an effort to exercise regularly, try to squeeze in some exercise even if you don’t feel like it because you will feel much better for it. Exercise will help keep those extra calories at bay and you will alleviate some of stress associated with social gatherings and family events.

5) Don’t go to a party on an empty stomach. Before going out, snack on something high in protein because it will help you feel satisfied and eat less when you are at the party. Some incorrectly have the notion that skipping meals will allow them to eat more later. If you do this, you will go to party hungry and the likelihood is that you will consume everything in sight.

6) If hosting a party at your home add low calorie and fat-free salad dressings on the menu. Serving up a completely healthy menu could be a buzz kill for many so add some reduced-fat versions of people’s favorite dishes, don’t tell your guests because if the food tastes good they won’t even realize.

7) Be aware of portion sizes. In the excitement of a celebration you could overindulge and take a larger portion than you would normally. Eat small portions of a large variety of foods rather than large portions of a smaller variety.

8) Check your alcohol, many of you will be inundated with seasonal parties and celebrations so there will be a tendency to drink more than usual. Remember, alcohol is packed with calories so choose light beer and wine over mixed drinks. A large mixed drink can contain 500 calories or more.

9) Don’t let the hectic holiday schedule force you to default to fast food. If you know you have a busy week ahead than prepare and freeze quick, healthy meals. If it’s late you have to prepare a meal from scratch you’ll be very tempted to go for a high-fat, fast food option.

10) If you are going to eat out, go online and check out the venue’s menu so you can plan what you are going to eat. Effective weight management is all about making healthy choices and eating in moderation so be prepared do the necessary research and planning.

And most importantly, have a happy, healthy festive season!

Do you have any healthy holiday tips? Feel free to share them in the comment section!
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