12 days of fitness We are excited to share this workout specially created by our team to keep you inspired to stay active over this festive period. The 12 days of fitness workout does not require any equipment, can be done anywhere and is sure to help you work off the holiday season’s excesses.

The circuits accumulate daily and you should start each day with a warm-up and stretching. On the first day you will begin with a 1-mile walk or run and each day add the next exercise until you finish on the final day performing all 12 exercises. The workout plan will become challenging over time, you can also customize the workout based on your fitness level by reducing or increasing the number of repetitions (reps).

Day 1: Walk or run for 1 mile
Day 2: Walking lunges x 2 Sets (10 reps per leg)
Day 3: Plank x 3 (hold each plank for 30 secs)
Day 4: Squats x 4 (10 reps)
Day 5: Burpees x 5
Day 6: Bicep Curls x 6 reps (use weights, bands, cans of food, or anything else)
Day 7: Supermans x 7 reps
Day 8: Pushups x 8 reps
Day 9: Mountain climbers x 9 reps
Day 10: Chair dips x 10 reps
Day 11: Ab crunches x 11
Day 12: Side plank dips (12 reps each side)

Note: Rest 30-60 seconds between reps and 60-120 each exercise.

An important aspect of exercising that we teach all of our guests at The Biggest Loser Resorts is the importance of good form, it’s definitely quality over quantity. If you’re a beginner devote some time to practicing proper form which will help you boost performance, conserve energy and reduce the risk of injury.

Thank you for checking out our workout and supporting the awesome team who took the time to put it together for you. Let us know what you thought of the workout using comments section below, we’d love to get your feedback.

Merry Fitness from everyone at The Biggest Loser Resort!

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