TBLR_Blog_6-Simple-Ways-Busy-Work-Day Work seems to have only gotten more taxing over the past few years, and people are busier than ever. Yet, even with our hectic schedules, we still want to have time to fit in healthful activities that improve our fitness, relieve stress, prevent chronic health problems and generally just make us feel better all around.   Luckily, many of these activities can take place at your desk or while multi-tasking to get other things done! Find out how you can come home feeling happier and invigorated by giving one or all of the six office exercises a try.

Take a Stand Against Prolonged Sitting

The easiest way we can introduce healthy activities in our day is to take a quick break. Every 1-2 hours, stand up from your desk and lift your arms above your head. Then, pivot from the hips by looking back behind you to the right and to the left. You can feel free to add on additional quick standing stretches to your routine.   By taking quick breaks to shake out your body and briefly stretch, you can reduce the negative impacts of prolonged sitting, improve blood circulation and relieve stress.

Adopt Active Multitasking

There are a few opportunities you can use to sneak in movement throughout your work day:  
  • Pace while on the phone
  • Take a lap around your floor while trying to plan, strategize or jot down notes — the movement can even help you think more clearly
  • Trade sitting one-on-one meetings for a walk-and-talk, West Wing style!
  • Take a trip to co-workers’ desks to relay messages rather than using the phone or email
  • Any time you take a break from typing to think, use the moment to perform light stretches

Change Up Your Desk

Sitting can become a literal pain in the rear over time, so switching out your chair for something else a few days a week can help build a stronger core and relieve repetitive stress-related pain. You can use an office exercise ball, or you can convert your desk to a standing desk using a simple DIY rig.

Make Breaks for Office Exercises

Once or twice per day, try taking a longer break to fit in some fitness during your work day.   Your options can include desk yoga, or more traditional “deskercise” routines. By standing up, stretching and performing some light calisthenics, you can actually improve your productivity — more than making up for the brief lost time!

Make Your Lunch Active

Your lunch break is the perfect time to move around in the middle of the day and prevent an afternoon slump. Instead of merely finding somewhere to sit and eat for lunch, eat at your desk before or after lunch and use the break to walk around. You can walk inside your building or take a brief jaunt around the block. You can also combine tasks by walking to a nearby eatery to get your food instead of ordering out.

Add (Literal) Steps to Your Commute

If you can make some or all of your commute active, do it! For instance, you can park at a nearby lot and walk a few blocks to work instead of parking on-site. You could also walk to a public transit stop and ride the rest of the way instead of driving.   At the very least, taking the stairs instead of the elevator can raise your heart rate and add in a little exercise to your day.   We hope these office exercise ideas inspire you to get moving, boost your day with some activity and feel better mentally. If you want more tips, advice and suggestions for getting active, you can review our quick and easy stretching routines that burn calories.  

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