Girl trying to decide what to eatChange Your Dinner Plate, Change Your Life!

By: Kitty Bradshaw

The joy experienced after changing your eating habits is abundant. Knowing that you took the steps to restructure your eating habits in attempt to lead a healthy lifestyle creates a sense of accomplishment. While some start this journey for weight loss purposes; others do it as means to overcome eating disorders, practice portion control, or increase vitamins and nutrients into their bodies. Whatever your reasons are, you won’t regret the decision. Below are a few benefits that are a direct result of changing your eating habits.

BoltGet A Boost On Life With Increased Energy- After just a few days of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet you will notice an increasing in energy. While leaning toward processed foods high in sodium and low in good nutrients we feel sluggish and experience fatigue. Eating healthy while also incorporating exercise will give you the much needed energy to feel rejuvenated.

BicepLonger Health Span- not to be confused with life span. The sooner you make changes to your diet, the longer your health span will be. A common misconception is that a short life span is the only consequence from not practicing healthy eating habits. In most cases people develop chronic disease at a young age and live with either discomfort, pain and/ or frequent doctors’ visits among other things in order to maintain.

HeartDisease Prevention- Eating right can decrease your chances of developing chronic diseases such as certain types of cancers, heart disease, and diabetes. There are so many people that live their lives as if they are immune to disease. Why take that risk?

Live your best life now!

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