Yoga Pose-Blog2A Healthy Lifestyle Begins With A Healthy Mindset

By: Kitty Bradshaw

Today we are going to discuss approaching Health & Fitness from a “glass half full” perspective. You can’t win the game if negative thinking prevents you from competing. In that instance most professionals would pump you full of inspirational quotes or scare tactics! Let’s take a different route by discussing ongoing resources that will help you get into the game mentally and encourage you along the way.

Before we jump into it, start by playing out in your mind what the alternative to not living a healthy lifestyle means for you. Can you be healthy long term? Have you seen others live a long life by living a life of excess? In most cases the answer is no. The first resource available to you is Support Groups. Start with finding a local group through newspapers, your gym, or online. Weight loss support groups and forums can be found with a simple Google search. These groups contain likeminded people who share your same struggles and triumphs.

Within these support groups in most cases you can find a Fitness Mentor. A fitness mentor is someone takes you up under their wing, then keeps you motivated, passes on tips, and answers questions. You can also seek out fitness mentors through health conscious friends or through the many personal trainers found at the gym.

Girl With BookAnother resource is Self-Improvement Books geared towards personal change be it health, family, or career. There are countless people that start the journey to a healthy lifestyle after reading a motivational book. Books such as Eat to Love, Thin Within, or Made to Crave are just a few examples and can be found at your local book store or online retailer. While we are on reading, also check out Success Stories online. Check out our website to find clients that have gone through the Biggest Loser Resort and reached their goals.

My personal advice to you is focus on getting in shape and developing healthy patterns rather than the actual weight loss. Feelings overwhelmed before you begin can prolong your start. Remember to take it step by step by incorporating movement and cutting back. As time goes on increase the movement and incorporate healthy foods in place of ones low in nutrients. As you start to see results, your confidence will improve and result in an overall Healthy Mindset.
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