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Summer is the perfect time for barbecuing, grilling is a fun and flavorsome way of cooking! Everyone loves to cook together with friends outdoors in the summer, the best part is that grilling can be one of the healthiest ways to cook!

If you are trying to stay healthy, than summer cookouts can be difficult because barbecue mainstays are loaded with fat, salt, sugar and calories. However, there is no need to worry because there plenty of delicious options that you can enjoy if you’re watching your sugar intake, want to lose weight, or eat healthier. To help you, we’ve team up with our amazing Biggest Loser Resort chefs to provide you with 3 delicious and healthy options for your summer cookout.

Awesome Rub Recipe

Looking for something with a little more kick to it? Well look no further, Regina and David turn up the heat with this awesome rub recipe! This rub is suitable for all meats including chicken or beef and is sure to spice things up.

BBQ Recipe

Grilling out wouldn’t be complete without BBQ, so bring on the sauce! Paired perfectly with our in-house Pulled Pork Sandwich, our BBQ sauce contains less than 10 ingredients. Bring on the flavor!

Cucumber Cooler

It’s the end of your work week, and officially the start to your weekend. There is no better way to start it off than with a refreshing cucumber cooler from the Biggest Loser Resort.

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