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Independent Health is a non-profit regional health plan committed to delivering solutions to improve the health of the communities it serves. In an effort to promote healthier lifestyles, Independent Health joined forces with Snyder Corporation and Fitness Ridge Worldwide to bring the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara to Western New York. Founded in 1980, Independent Health has consistently been rated among the top health plans in the country for customer service and member satisfaction. Through a comprehensive portfolio of product and service offerings, Independent Health provides health benefits and services to nearly 375,000 individuals in Western New York and throughout the county. Visit www.independenthealth.com.

destination spa group

Destination Spa Group offers “Your Guide to the World’s Best Spas” online. This site encourages healthier lifestyles through educating people about the unique wellness and self-improvement options at its Destination Spas. The Biggest Loser Resort has been an active member since 2007. Visit www.destinationspagroup.com.

spas of america

Spas of America is a global online media company showcasing the preeminent day, resort, hotel and destination spas with a focus on healthy living and travel. “The Best Spa & Wellness Experience in the World” also produces articles and editorial spa reviews as well. Visit www.spasofamerica.com.

spa index

Spa Index offers a “Guide to Day Spa and Stay Spas” and a wide variety of B&Bs, inns, hotels, resorts and retreats. The Biggest Loser Resorts are included (of course). Visit www.spaindex.com.


Taylor Precision Products is the market leader in measurement accuracy, has expanded its brand presence beyond thermometers, kitchen and bath scales to include small kitchen appliances through NBCUniversal with The Biggest Loser brand. All of Taylor’s items are designed to empower a healthier lifestyle and includes bath and kitchen scales and small kitchen appliances all geared to help you track your progress and prepare healthy and easy dining options. Taylor’s goal is to help you live better, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Visit www.taylorusa.com


Lionsgate is the most commercially successful independent film and television studio in North American. It has a major presence in the production and distribution of motion pictures, television, programming, home entertainment, family entertainment, video-on-demand and digitally delivered content. Lionsgate leads the DVD fitness category and has sold more DVDs than any other studio.Visitwww.lionsgate.com.


The Biggest Loser Club is an online program that creates customized meal and exercise plans based on individual nutritional and fitness needs. It offers a strong sense of community and support to its members, as well as hundreds of recipes, shopping lists, and tools to keep members on track. The site also features social networking components which allow members to create personal home pages and profiles and allow them to compete against other members or teams in weight loss challenges. Members can share their progress through personal blogs and search for other members who share common interests. Visit www.biggestloserclub.com.


Rodale is a global media company with a heritage, mission, and authority dedicated to the health and wellness of the individual, community and planet. Through a broad portfolio of leading media properties, Rodale reaches more than 70 million people around the world through multiple distribution channels, including magazines, books, online, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer and video. The company publishes some of the best-known health and wellness lifestyle magazines, including Men’s Health, Prevention, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Bicycling, Running Times, and Organic Gardening, and is the largest independent book publisher in the United States with a collection of bestselling titles. Visit www.rodale.com

devin alexander

Devin Alexander is the author of the New York Times Bestselling, “Biggest Loser Cookbook” Series, Fast Food Fix” (Rodale, 2006), “The Most Decadent Diet Ever!” (Broadway, April 2008) and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening” (Broadway 2010). She is also host of “Healthy Decadence with Devin Alexander” on FitTv. Having maintained a 55 pound weight loss for over 16 years, Devin has shared her secrets for unbelievably decadent, yet healthy foods through frequent appearances on national media shows and has been showcased in over 300 magazine features. Visit www.devinalexander.com.


BioSignia is a leading technology company focused on bringing innovative predictive modeling solutions to the preventive health, wellness and insurance markets. The company worked with Dr. Robert Huizenga and The Biggest Loser team to produce the Know Your Number Health Score to contestants and consumers in early 2010. Visit www.biosignia.com.


The StreetStrider ETX is the world’s first elliptical cross trainer on wheels and the first product ever developed on set with the contestants of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. The easy-to-ride StreetStrider combines jogging, cycling and skiing motion that is fun for people of all ages! The StreetStrider makes healthy exercise fun! Visit www.streetstrider.com.

the biggest loser know your number

The Biggest Loser Know Your Number Health Score accurately assesses the likelihood that individuals will develop a chronic, preventable disease resulting in poor quality of life, declining productivity and higher healthcare costs, a major concern of healthcare providers, insurers and employers alike. Visit http://www.biggestloser.com/kyn/.

power music

Power Music is the world’s #1 source of pre-mixed music programs for fitness professionals. Power Music currently serves approximately 125,000 fitness professionals around the world, including Canada, Europe, Japan, Egypt, Malaysia, Korea and South Africa through authorized distributors. Visit www.powermusic.com.

clarkbhf-hlogo - cut

Clark Behavioral Health Financing helps families and individuals identify the best available options for financing a wide range of behavioral health programs including outpatient and residential, short term as well as long term including stays at The Biggest Loser Resorts. This company provides customized, comprehensive, one-on-one service from beginning to end. With professionalism, compassion and dedication; we minimize the stress, and allow clients and their families to focus on what matters most: restoring their health and well-being. Visit http://www.clarkbfh.com