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The Biggest Loser Resort health and wellness program takes an integrative and comprehensive approach to your overall health and well being through a combined emphasis on physical fitness, nutrition, and education. Our goal is to help you reach yours. Every day is specifically designed to provide you with the activities, education, nourishment and personal attention you need to get healthy and stay motivated. This program will challenge you physically and mentally to reach and surpass your own expectations while empowering you to change your life. A typical day includes all four pillars of what makes our program unique and effective: fitness/workouts, wellness education, spa cuisine meals and camaraderie with your fellow guests.


Whether you’re hoping to lose substantial weight or are in search of an active fitness vacation, our award-winning programs are designed specifically to encourage and empower you to achieve balance through fitness, nutrition, education, and relaxation in a supportive group environment.


You’ll build endurance through exhilarating group-oriented workouts led by certified trainers who will keep you positively motivated and challenged to surpass your own expectations. Through our informative and entertaining educational series, you’ll increase your knowledge about how to identify your body’s cues, unmask your personal triggers, and transform your relationship with food for life. After all, how you truly feel about yourself matters – and you hold the power to create lasting change!

Sensible and Achievable

At The Biggest Loser Resort, we make getting healthy and losing weight a sensible, achievable, and lasting lifestyle choice. Our hiking and outdoor activities are perennial favorites among Biggest Loser Resort guests, and taking in the fresh outdoors is a magical way to begin each day. The hiking program at each resort accommodates all skill levels.


Each of our Resorts is located in a different type of terrain. Each take advantage of their picturesque natural surroundings for outdoor activities, quiet reflection and meditation.


Walk along the shore on the beach and watch the sunrise or sunset over the Pacific Ocean.  Take a stroll or hike through the tree lined pathways around a beautiful lake and see majestic waterfalls.  Hike in lush urban park oasis and see the reflections of nature around every bend on the trail. All of these and many more options are available to you to choose from as part of your Biggest Loser Resort experience.

Spa Cuisine Based on Nutritious, Delicious Healthy Food

Designed by a dynamic team of world-class executive chefs, registered dietitians, and holistic nutritionists, the weekly spa cuisine menu does not disappoint. Each delicious, calorie-controlled meal, features top quality ingredients in just the right nutritious balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. The menu is tailored to provide your body and mind the nutrients and nourishment it needs while you’re physically and mentally pushing yourself through the challenges of the week.


Guests enjoy delicious spa cuisine meals daily, including breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner with dessert. Designed by an integrative team of world-class executive chefs, registered dietitians and holistic nutritionists, the weekly menu does not disappoint. (Note: Snacks are available throughout the day if needed).





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