Woman Looking in a RefrigeratorEmotional EatingIs Your Refrigerator Your Therapist? 
By: Kitty Bradshaw

When you’re in pain, stressed out, or feeling moody does food offer you solace during difficult times? If you’re like me the refrigerator can be your temporary personal savior.

At that moment of rock bottom, carbs appear to cure heartbreak, loneliness, and financial crisis. In actuality we end up feeling worse behind all the emotional eating and weight gain.Today, I pose the question: Are the problems still there once you’ve completed the meal? If you’ve answered yes let’s consider an alternative. We all go through times of adversity and some pitfalls are larger than others.

Here is what has worked for me through the years:

Face what is Bothering You:icon3 Talk to a friend or simply write it down on a piece of paper. Once you get over the initial shame, shock, and/or trauma- FACE IT by getting it by acknowledging that it exist, then get it all out!

icon2Create a + Defense: Once you acknowledge your problem, take baby steps towards getting back to your happy place. Take 5 minutes out of your day to focus on your passions. Read a book, call a friend, knit a scarf, etc. Focus on you for those 5 minutes, then increase it by 10 every time you are able to just lose yourself in something constructive other than eating.

icon1Exercise Your Mind and Body: Physical activity least to mental activity. Exercise helps to release the negative energy, stress, and physical slump on the couch. It boost your energy and puts you in a positive frame of mind. Like emotional eating, the problems will still be there but through the process the depression starts to lift.

5 Responses to Emotional Eating v Refrigerator Therapy

  1. Theresa

    I want to lose 45 to 50 pounds and want to do it in 9 to 10 months. I am 58 years old and weigh 174 lbs. I have been active before but I need something to jump-start my commitment so I joined a group and “bet” on myself committing $450 to say that I WOULD get this done. Is my goal realistic? I AM committed and when I finish this, I will get all of my money back AND $800. I need to do this for my health to get off my blood pressure medicine and lower my risk for diabetes. Please let me know what you think if I am being realistic to plan to lose an average of 5 lbs a month. I have a workout gym at my condo and I belong to Jazzercise, which is fun but seem to plateau once it gets easy. I also have done Curves for strength training. I am joing Weight Watchers at work. What suggestions do you have?

  2. Felice

    Nice post! It felt very personal & I love the three main pointers at the bottom. This is very helpful. Quick tips for steps towards a solution to bad eating habits.

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