Woman Running On Treadmill At GymWhen the Going Gets Tough, Find New Inspiration!

By: Kitty Bradshaw

Whether you’re just starting out or have been working out for months; everyone needs motivation to continue on. During long periods of healthy activity I start to feel moody and lose inspiration. One of the ways I combat that is by incorporating an indulgence moment. Now while some will see that as an opportunity to go on a 2 week binge, I see it as an opportunity to reward myself for good behavior while also practicing self-control. I also apply the “For every calorie earned, adds a second of burn.” That rule could mean extra time doing cardio or an extra set of squats and helps to keep me motivated. In this post we will explore various ways to stay inspired during your fitness journey.

So many of my friends in fitness use the power of music to stay motivated. Often times I see threads on my Facebook feed asking for workout music suggestions. Listening to the same playlist over and over drains you faster than an intense workout. Keep up the motivation by listening to random mixes created by friends and family. By the time you get done deciding if you like their choices or not, your time on the elliptical will be complete. Also, consider listening to books on tape. Either a juicy novel or short stories such as Aesop’s Fables will keep you entertained.

Healthy ShakeSpeaking of friends and family see if one of them will consider being your workout buddy. A friend in fitness is a great source for inspiration. Also, studies show that when people workout together their productivity level increases as they start to develop a healthy level of competition which benefits you both.

Reward good behavior! As I discussed earlier, rewarding yourself for good behavior is an effective tool. Whether it’s a snack or a massage; find a reward that provides you with the incentive you need to stay on course. Remember that everyone hits a rough patch! Reach out to you network for support, and then figure out ways to pull you through.
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