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Join the thousands of guests that have successfully participated in our program! Our results-driven health and wellness program is truly changing lives! See the Biggest Loser Resort difference in yourself. Read the inspiring stories and see how you can become a success story.

*DISCLAIMER: Testimonials and results are provided by genuine past guest’s experiences at The Biggest Loser Resort. The results stated in the guest testimonials were self-reported by the participants and therefore cannot be confirmed. There are many factors that affect weight loss and fitness results and we can make no guarantee that individuals going through our program will achieve the same results and these results may not be typical. The views and opinions expressed in the testimonials on this website are solely those of past guests. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those The Biggest Loser Resort or its employees or third party suppliers. Your experience at The Biggest Loser Resort may be different.

The first two days were very difficult for me, but I was able to push through and by the third day I had tons of energy. I was so surprised that i was able to work out for 6 hours every day and even more surprised that i was never hungry! Starting is the hardest part and it wasn’t easy putting myself first, but this program helped me develop the habits and the confidence to make the changes I’ve been wanting to make.*

– Kristin, Previous Biggest Loser Resort Niagara Guest

I’ve been at The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara for one week, and it has been a great week. I came here for the weight loss, but I had other things that needed to be fixed as well. My lifestyle had become very chaotic; I was working from home, so work was in my face 24/7 and when work is there I put that first. I was taking care of everything and everyone but myself, and work ended up consuming me. I was not eating regular meals, I was skipping the gym, I was canceling appointments; I went from a healthy lifestyle to a life that was going down the tubes because I was putting everything else on hold. At 65 years old, I pulled three all-nighters last month working. After that, I realized I couldn’t live like this anymore, and that is when I decided on Biggest Loser Resort Niagara. I knew that the structured environment it provides would be just what I needed.*

That structure was a huge appeal to me because even just thinking about what to eat became a stressor. I needed the kick-start and the exercise to get everything in a better place. You can be healthier when the rest of your life is in order. That is why I recommended the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara because it fixes those other things along with the weight loss. The support of the staff at the resort is phenomenal. Everyone works very hard, you never hear a complaint, and everyone always has a smile on their face. The people there can’t do enough for you, and all of that with the training is what makes it such a remarkable experience.

I was worried about my limitations because, due to my inactivity, I was very stiff and had trouble getting out of bed, but I was happy to see that the trainers were so willing to modify things and work with me. After just one week, my strength has gotten better. On average, I was burning over 1000 calories per day. By taking care of me, now feel like I can live healthily and do something that makes me happy. The huge mental change has been the biggest and most important result for me. This whole experience has exceeded my expectations, and I can’t wait to come back next September.*

– Susan T, Previous Guest Biggest Loser Niagara

I’m so grateful for being chosen as a contestant on The Biggest Loser for many reasons and one of those is experiencing The Biggest Loser Resorts. The staff is amazing and totally care about your well being to becoming strong both mentally and physically. The program proves that a healthy lifestyle is doable with any busy schedule. The workouts are great and the food is fantastic!! The resorts are a wonderful way to focus on yourself, whether a new journey to a healthy life or an addition to the one you’re already on. Motivation, encouragement, nutritional education and support is the definition to BLR. You’ll leave so empowered and strong. You will also gain a new family….the BLR family!!*

– Jennifer, Previous Biggest Loser Contestant

It has now been nearly two weeks since my visit to the resort. Everyone has asked me how it was and I have used the words fantastic, transformative, fun and effective! I have recommended it to everyone some of whom you might even see…As of this moment I am ten pounds, did you hear that TEN pounds lighter than the day I met Kathy in the reception area!!! I have been diligent and have to admit that it takes my full concentration, planning and food prep but I am thoroughly enjoying the process because there is immediate feedback in how clothes fit and how I feel plus the scale. I have learned that splurge days are thoroughly enjoyable when they are planned and not complete runaways. Hard as it is to admit splurge days keep you on track. I never would have said that before! Regina the pairing of carb and protein at snack time is magical and is that little thing that I felt I was doing wrong but didn’t know what it was. Thank you. At the end of my week I felt invigorated, happy and motivated. That feeling persists and I will keep you posted.*

– Chris, Previous Biggest Loser Resort Palm Desert Guest

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I received the letter to myself yesterday and felt compelled to write to you all. I opened the letter, read it, cried because I did it, and didn’t give up once I got home. Holly & Joey can attest to my emotional side based on my crying during weigh in results. While visiting you, I set a goal to lose 10lb by 8/31/16. Well 8/31/16 came and went and I didn’t make it, BUT, on September 1st, I reintroduced myself to wonderland. weighing in at 199.2 attaining my goal, plus seeing 100 on the scale for the first time in about 5 years-maybe even more. While I have not been able to incorporate the entire program, exercise, and diet, I have been able to continue the diet by eating clean, and as of this writing, I am down 14.6lb. You all really changed my life, and I really needed you all to know that.*

– Maria, Previous Biggest Loser Resort Palm Desert Guest

I came to the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara to support my daughter, who wanted to come here after college. The months prior to our stay I was terrified: the main issue was that I knew nothing about the resort, but, being from Israel, I was nervous about not being able to speak the language and not making friends. I have been here for five weeks and every week I’ve made lifelong friends. From the moment I got here everything was the best; from the pick up at the airport to all of the staff once I got here, everyone treated me like a king. You can tell that the resort is not just a place that people come to work; it’s a mission. I have so much respect for everyone here doing everything they can to make us feel at home, after 5 weeks I still feel at home. Everyday they have everything taken care of, all you have to do is wake up and go.

I came here for my daughter, but then she started supporting me and she became my inspiration. For the first, I put myself higher on the list and I started working on my own wellbeing. There is something about the atmosphere here; I’ve never seen people working so hard and when I watched all of these people I felt like I didn’t want to disappoint them or my trainers, so I must be an example. We all feel accountable to each other, and that’s what happens when all of us work together. You can take a box of matches and break each match individually, but when you hold them all together you can’t break them; that us what has happened to us here. Together, we feel like a team and that are in this together. The amazing thing that happens is that we work really hard, and we also burn calories from laughing! I have made such good friends here. I miss my family, but I already told them that I’m going to build myself a house across the lake.

For 21 years all I did was go from my home to my car to sitting at a desk all day, and now suddenly I’m working like I’m 18 years old again. I’ve learned that my body is more resilient than I thought. When I first got here I started at size 40 jeans and now I’m at size 36. I know that I’ve lost weight, but I don’t care about the pounds. I’m going to be an ambassador for this place and no matter what shape you’re in you can still come here and feel amazing. I want to bring my friends and family because they deserve to be healthy. If I had the power to convince everyone to come here I would, and I’ve promised myself that I’m going to come back here because this is exactly what I think of as a paradise.*

– David L, Previous Guest Biggest Loser Niagara

Jumoke Hill – Palm Desert Guest

Jumoke’s story is not only inspirational, but a great representation of our program’s mission. At one point in his life, Jumoke weighed over 600 pounds. He didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. Jumoke made the decision that he was going to overcome his obstacles and conquer his fears.

Jumoke had a passion for dancing, so he began making dance videos and before long became a YouTube sensation! He was even asked to appear on the TV show, The Real, where he was given a free week stay at The Biggest Loser Resort from none other than JD Roth (Executive Producer of The Biggest Loser)!

Jumoke’s Week at The Biggest Loser Resort >>>