Happy New Year New Year New Habits

By: Matt Hagler, CEO – The Biggest Loser Resort

In my role as CEO of Biggest Loser Resort and as one of my New Year’s resolutions I’m committing to writing social media content on a regular basis. Over the last 18 months since joining the company I have been moved by all you that have had the courage to show up and invest in yourselves. I’m constantly and consistently amazed at the vulnerability and resolve as we build this incredible community that seeks to find solace and celebration in the journey.

Tis the season where multitudes reflect on another year of times march on the contrast of youthful spirit within an aging body. As a father of 4 daughters every year seems to end in a renewed call to recommit to eating right and exercising consistently to stay healthy and active. At 59 years, young I awake with each passing year knowing that I must be a bit more diligent in the coming year than in the past as my body simply does not rebound from any type of debauchery whether food related or falling off my exercise routine. I curse the world for the unfair state of all things related to “being in shape”. Facts like it takes 6 months to get in shape and 3 weeks of inactivity to feel like you must start over from scratch, or the near superhuman strength it requires to shut down my rampant sweet tooth after releasing the monster from its cage for the holiday season.

Happy New Year
Conversely, I am excited by the joy of activity and interaction that comes from making good choices. This weekend spending a day on the water stand up paddle boarding with my youngest daughter and her new boyfriend on Silver River, go for a bike ride, hike, etc. Watching my wife this time of year I give thanks that for all the whining I might do (particularly in the food department) I’m reminded that this whole endeavor is easier on men than women due to 100 physiological reasons. Further adding to my focus steeling my diligence is the knowing of impending boundless energy associated with grandkids in the coming years.

I have made a core principle in my role as CEO to routinely travel to our resorts work out and break bread with many of you. In a recent trip to the JW Marriott in Desert Springs after talking with the weeks’ guests about focus and habit, Mary looked me in the eye, pointed a finger and demanded that I stay focused on continuing to deliver and expand on this program. “We need this” she exclaimed. This is part of honoring that spirited request.

Happy New Year, may you all have the year you are envisioning.

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