By: Matt Hagler, CEO – The Biggest Loser Resort

This week I’ve decided to take a brief detour to share with you a story from one of our clinicians. Each week they are exposed to real people with real issues and the stories of struggle and triumph are incredibly heartwarming. So enjoy Debra (Wellness Coach JW Marriott Desert Springs) as she recounts this week’s graduation ceremony:

There are no words to describe today’s Graduation. We had friends and family from three of our long-term guests, Debbie and Shawn in attendance. The outpouring of each and every one of our guest’s hearts was truly overwhelming. Both Joey (trainer) and I could not believe today’s graduation and it was ended with two of celebrities (one from the Metropolitan Opera) and another Broadway Star, singing a duet, The Prayer, that left everyone sobbing.

Of course our two celebrity guests received a resounding standing ovation and I’ve never seen group camaraderie like we did this afternoon. Even the friends and family members of our guests were hugging and just talking and truly engaging with each other; it was like one huge party in the middle of the afternoon (without the cocktails)….we couldn’t get them to leave our Gallery!! It was truly one of the most spectacular moments in Biggest Loser Resort Palm Desert history.

I had to laugh at Joey who came to me during the festivities and said, “Debra, I may need to come to one of your Emotional Eating classes after today’s graduation; what an emotional journey, I think I’m having an emotional moment and I really need to go eat!!!”.

Inspiring Guests and Team
There simply are not words to describe how this program, through our BLR teams across the country, are saving lives as well as transforming them. But a program is just a program on a printed page without a talented team to breathe life, heart and soul into each day’s experiences.

Debbie M. wrote a gorgeous letter to the attendees and our BLR team and read it in front of the class, amidst tears (she had 4 of her family members in attendance), Shawn said he has been to 11 of these fitness camps and BLR Palm Desert was BY FAR, the best experience he has ever had. Dear little Andrew had his parents in attendance;  I know they were completely dumbfounded at their son’s progress, who told our group he felt worthless and unable to engage with life. BLR was his last hope. He now says he LOVES himself and that he knows he is worth putting in the time and effort to get healthy.

Our amazing Broadway celebrity inspired an amazing speech about how this journey has not only changed his life, but about 7 members of his family who have now taken up the torch to be healthy and to pass it forward to others and them lead a healthier lifestyle and engagement with the joy of life because of his time here with us.

Debra’s telling of this story is played out each week across the country as talented caring trainers, dietitians and life coaches work with each group of new and returning guests. As we grow this company we will remain resolute on selecting individuals that possess that caregiver gene so essential to creating an environment that allows people to rebound, refresh and reboot as they take back control of their lives and their health.

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