Lose Weight and Save Money
By: Erin Pasternack, Certified Health Coach

Many people are looking for tools to lose weight and often think they need to spend extra money on special foods or programs. While The Biggest Loser Resort will powerfully help you kickstart a new way of thinking and being, there are two things you can do to start your weight loss journey today without spending anything. These two tips will actually save you money!

First, stop spending any money on anything to drink. Your body only needs fresh, pure water. If you purchase soda, juice, tea, coffee, sports or energy drinks, STOP! All of these drinks are habits and are not necessary. Replacing all drinks with water will help your body and your pocketbook!

Ideally, get a high quality water filter for your tap water so you don’t have to purchase bottled water since bottled water is a huge burden to our environment and more expensive than filtering your own. Squeeze lemon or lime in your water if you like some variety. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and start with a full 16-24 ounces right when you wake up in the morning. This will set you up for success for the rest of the day and hydrate you after sleeping all night. Drink more water before your meals, and during and after exercise.

Next, how many times do you typically chew each bite of food? If you gobble your food down or eat mindlessly, this tip can make a huge difference in helping you to lose weight and will also help your digestion. Our saliva contains enzymes which help break our food down so the body can absorb its individual nutrients. When we eat too fast, this breakdown can’t happen in our mouth and some of the food going into our stomachs can be in an indigestible state.

When we mindfully chew each bite, our meal will take longer to eat and our brain gets the message that our stomach is full sooner and we eat less. And our body will be better able to assimilate the nutrients from our food. All of this will result in feeling satiated with smaller quantities. Do an experiment and count how many times you can chew a bite! Can you do 20? 50? What about 100?! Practice this and watch how much better you feel!

If you are coming to join us at the Biggest Loser Resort, start your journey today by practicing these two new habits and you will be set up for success when you get to the resort!

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