Large girlWhy People Choose to Lose Weight

By: Kitty Bradshaw

Often times there is a stigma associated with people losing weight. Either people fear admitting to their friends and family that they want to pursue diet and fitness; or people assume that only obese people want to lose weight. A few months back I witnessed a video online being passed around where people were poking fun at three women working out in the gym. When the video came across my timeline I asked the person that posted it if the video was meant to encourage or humiliate. Needless to say the video was removed. If you’re a victim of bullying as it relates to weight and appearance please remember the old saying, “Hurt people HURT people.” We are here to encourage your fitness journey; stay focused and remain positive.

Today we are going to briefly explore the various reasons people to choose to lose weight and try to clear up any misconceptions. There are four main categories for losing weight, and numerous subcategories that fall under.

Weight Loss Categories:

Weight ScaleBeing Overweight and/or Obese 

Carrying extra weight doesn’t necessarily mean you are not healthy, but could lead to challenges down the road such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, and certain Cancers to name a few. This causes people to go into prevention mode. There are other issues such as self-esteem, depression, loss of energy, appearance, and fitness due to excess weight that cause individuals to want to lose weight.

AthleteJob Requirements Certain jobs require you to fall under a certain weight such as the military, athletes, airline stewardesses, models, and firemen to name a few. People choose to lose the weight in order to move faster, or get into small spaces in order to serve the public.

MotherPregnancy/ Medical Procedures This is the category that I fall under as I am wanting to conceive a child at an older age and want to improve my chances. Weight loss is one of the ways I can improve my chances as having children is a dream of mine. There are other medical procedures or treatments that require weight loss or cause weight loss and prompt people to want to hit the gym to tighten up.

Ice CreamEating Disorders Abnormal eating habits such as anorexia nervosa or purging disorder can cause a person to lose weight.

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