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Healthy Eating at Home

Download free meal plans with some of our favorite healthy recipes

Start making healthy and delicious meals at home by downloading our free recipes. Once you find a recipe you’d like to download, click on the link, and your free PDF will download automatically to your computer. Get cooking by downloading one of our free recipes today!

If your goal is to lose weight you will need to supplement a well-rounded exercise routine with a healthy balanced diet. If you go online you will be inundated with fad diets, our experience and science suggest that losing weight healthily and sustainably will require a change in lifestyle. When it comes to weight loss there are no quick fixes and adopting a healthy diet is vitally important. The key challenges people find when trying to implement a healthy diet is the assumption that you have to tasteless salads every day. This is one of the reasons why people give up on fad diets because they do not enjoy what they are eating, it is important to keep your pallet excited.

A key focus at The Biggest Loser Resort is on creating carefully crafted dishes that are not only delicious but healthy too. When people attend our program we teach them all about food and also provide cooking demonstrations on how to prepare sumptuous healthy meals. Here you can find recipes for some of our more popular dishes served at our resorts. You can now recreate the same culinary grandeur of The Biggest Loser Resort in your own kitchen and continue living a healthier lifestyle!

Healthy Snacks

Snack Recipes

Healthy snacking is very important because it bridges the gap between meal times, keeps your metabolism firing and controls you appetite to avoid overeating.

Healthy Snack Recipes >>>

Healthy Meals

Meal Ideas

Since dinner is your last meal of the day it’s important to make healthy choices because you won’t eat again for at least another 8 ten hours or so.

Healthy Meal Recipes >>>

Healthy Desserts


Many of us enjoy a dessert after a meal, it’s vital that you do not load your body with sugary foods which will jeopardize your weight loss goals.

Healthy Dessert Recipes >>>

Spice Up Your Culinary Skills

Just like if you’re staying with us at The Biggest Loser Resort, be prepared to learn things you never knew before that will change your life forever. To maintain sustainable weight loss it is important to excite your palate. Check out our chefs perform informative and interesting cooking demonstrations; showing you how to create healthy meals and snacks at home and other food preparation tips! What you learn here will not only help you get to your goal – but more importantly, will help you maintain your new lifestyle for life.

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