By: Matt Hagler, CEO – The Biggest Loser Resort

This week I want to go back to a focused dialogue about how everyone in this space would provide an immeasurable service if they utilized education, data, love, caring and concern to “Change the Conversation”. If you’ve been following our blog, you are probably picking up the themes around which this company will be developed. Social media is going to be a key strategic focus as we determine how to engage the tidal wave of people that are suffering or simply trying to make health and wellness a part of raising their family.

Studying the data and remembering our childhood most of us could eat what we wanted without consequence. We recognize that with exceptions caused by a medical/genetic issue or trauma we do not simply wake up one day dealing with obesity. It’s a process whose habits begin most often in childhood and picks up speed as the pressures of life pick up speed. Habits fueled by sophisticated marketing bombarding us from a young age to crave treats and gain comfort through products with little nutritional value. Aided by natural processes brought on by age and hormonal shifts few pounds by few pounds the years go by. The result 68% of the entire country somewhere between overweight and morbidly obese.

The Conversation Around Obesity and Weight

No parent decides that they want to pass information to their children that will saddle them with a weight and subsequent health issues. Speaking with guests that have gone through the program, there are common threads where they are all dealing with layers of trauma related to the language around this issue. Guilt, shame, and feelings of personal failure abound. It’s a vicious cycle being passed from generation to generation. It’s for this reason that we’ll be contracting and working with world class marketing organizations on a plan to “Change the Conversation”. We will work to create a framework that challenges the status quo and aims at gaining momentum as a social awakening. We will reach out to former clients that have been through the program and request you take an active role so together we can unlock the remaining keys in continually evolving our processes and developing additional tools and resources to not only educate but provide support so new life skills take firm root.

We are excited in our role as stewards and in service to those in need and are excited about the potential. We look forward to working with all of you in creating a mosaic that begins to favorably bend the health curve as we together “Change the Conversation”.
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