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The Biggest Loser Resort program takes an integrated approach to improving your health with a balanced combination of fitness, nutrition, education, relaxation and extraordinary group camaraderie. Being at our resort enables you to completely focus on getting back on track or starting your journey to develop a mentality where you believe that you can achieve anything. At our resorts we send you home with easy workout ideas that can last for 5 minutes-45 minutes. We teach you good form, correct breathing, expose you to a variety of classes such yoga, kickboxing, water aerobics, cardio tennis* to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

We Make Exercising Fun

When people arrive at our resorts they are nervous and scared but by late Monday morning the doubts disappear. Getting fit and healthy is about a change in mentality where it is viewed as a change in lifestyle rather than a sacrifice and it is our job is to teach you how to make this happen. We are not a bootcamp, YES if you do not attend classes we are going to track you down, but we will not scream in your face or try to make you exercise beyond your capabilities. We are here to show you no matter what level of fitness you are at there is always something that you can do to get moving. Our approach to fitness is:


Baseline Fitness Assessment

You start your journey with a cardio and strength body only assessment that you can perform at home, this assessment helps our staff establish everyone’s capabilities.

The assessment will involve movement’s such as squats, crunches, sit-ups, push-ups along with a jog or walk at a challenging pace for a defined distance. These exercises are done in a defined amount of time, then we repeat the same exercises again on Friday to demonstrate the progress made and how strong you have become, and you will be amazed by the improvement you make in 4 days!

Right now if you may be doubting if you could do this, yes you can! We cater for all fitness levels, you choose your level and we even tailor your workouts if are carrying any injuries. All we ask from you, is to believe you can!

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There is a common misconception that you need hours in a gym to workout; we will show you this is not the case and you can do great workout in 30 -45 minutes. At each class we will teach you how to move your body properly and efficiently, keeping you safe from injury.

Every session begins with a proper explanation of the class, warm up as well as a cool down stretch. Our program is based on interval training, we bring your heart rate up then back down to make the workout as efficient as possible. In other words, when a car goes at a steady pace it will use less fuel, but if it stops and goes fast it will burn more fuel.

Think of the car as your body and the fuel as the calories you burn. Yes, a gym is great, and we do have one that we put to good use, but we will show you multiple ways of doing fun exercising anywhere you like.

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At the resort yes we have you weigh in, but we do not believe that is the only scale to measure that is why we have our InBody Machine. This state of the art body composition analyzer measures weight, muscle, body fat percentage, visceral fat (the amount of fat around number of important internal organs) and Baseline Metabolic Rate.

We will also take measurements from three areas – chest, stomach and hips. We will explain all the measurements at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week so you are able to see the progress made. Over the week you will feel improvements in your fitness including experiencing a faster recovery time to catch your breath.

It is important to measure your weight loss beyond the scale because weight is not always predictable and does not tell the whole story.

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*Activities vary by resort.

During the program you will be exercising and sweating, increasing fluid intake, sleep, and relaxation, you will feel the effects of the nutrients doing their job through increased energy and an improved overall feeling of well-being, as well as weight loss, by the end of your stay.

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If you have not exercised for a while and have concerns if you can go through the fitness segment of our program. Don’t worry, our program caters for all fitness levels

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