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By: Kitty Bradshaw

In our previous post we outlined what a good offense means during the Game of Health. Today’s post will cover the defense portion by incorporating physical activity and the various forms of it. Most often people assume that in order to lose weight, you have to take on expensive gym memberships, personal trainers, and/or in home equipment purchased from infomercials.

The next obstacle is putting off what you can do today until tomorrow by making statements such as, “I will start Monday, at the beginning of the year, or when I get paid.” All those excuses keep you out of the game and move you further from the mark as you continue on with choices that aren’t in the best interest of your long term overall health. Physical activity is key and can begin in the moment you put your mind to it. When deciding upon the best path to fitness activity, don’t get caught up in the Gym Hype without weighing the other options. Gyms are just one of many options for physical activity.

Smiling yogi girl with yoga matRemember when recess and/or P.E. was an activity that we looked forward to during the school day? Some of us were granted an extra hour or two by our parents to play outside either before or after homework. My point is don’t look at exercise as work, but rather an opportunity for fun reminiscent of the recess we had as children. Walk the dog, play tennis, shoot basketball, run in place in 5 minute intervals around your living room, or simply join a gym. Find a physical activity and environment that both makes you feel comfortable and gives you something to look forward to.

As the exercises become easy, increase the intensity. Once you get to the point where the results aren’t coming as quickly as in the beginning or if you want to target certain areas I would suggest speaking with a trainer for more advanced tips. What I can guarantee is that if you decrease calories, and increase movement your extra weight will begin to melt away at the intensity that you put into it.
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