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The Biggest Loser Resort Referral Program

Refer A Friend & Earn A Free Stay

– The Referral Program is designed to reward you by referring your Friends and Family to our program by earning credits towards your next stay. When your Friends and Family book, you will earn a 200 points for each week booked; also your friend or family will also receive a 200 points on their stay. After 8 referrals, you earn a free week stay at our resort! (*Terms & Conditions Apply)



To enroll in the Referral Program, simply follow the steps below:

1. Fill in the box at the upper left hand corner of the form (located on the right) with the date, your name, and email address.

2. Your email address will be your enrollment registration/ID. The Biggest Loser Resort office will track all referrals that are generated by your email address (enrollment registration/ID). Call or email us whenever you wish to obtain an update on your Referral Account activity or to redeem your credit.

3. Complete the attached Friends and Family Referral Form or have your Friends and Family call or email ensuring they quote your email address so we can credit your referral account if they book.

4. A Referral Program specialist will reach out to the people you referred and answer any questions or make a booking.

5. When you want to rebook your next stay, contact your Referral Program specialist who will be happy book your stay with us. Please advise your Referral Program specialist that you wish to apply your accrued credits toward your next program. Any credits earned can be redeemed for your next stay.

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