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Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions

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How much credit can I earn?

You will receive $200 of credit for every full paid referred person per booking.

Will my Friend and Family also receive a discount if I refer them to the program?

Yes. Your Friends and Family will also receive a $200 discount on their week long program. Referrals must successfully complete their program for credit to be accrued.

How can I use my credits?

As a past Biggest Loser Resort guest and past participant in our program, you can accrue credits for referring Friends and Family to our program. Your accrued credits may be applied to any week long, fully-paid program at any Biggest Loser Resort. You may also use any portion of your accrued credits to pay for your next stay.

What is the cash equivalent?

The credits convert to $200 for every week long program. Credits are confirmed after the referred guest successfully completes a minimum one week stay.

How many Friends and Family must I refer to get my free stay?

A total of 8 fully-paid, one week stays must be purchased for you to receive a free stay. See

Can I cash in my credits for actual cash reimbursement?

No, the Referral Program rewards your efforts by referring guests to our program who complete a week long program. As such, the program is a credit-based program and cash rewards, exchanges or charge-backs are not allowed.

Can I use my credits to pay for such items like airfare, miscellaneous items, retail merchandise, or hotel amenities like spa?

No, Referral credits may be redeemed toward a week long, full-priced paid program. Credits may not be combined with any other promotions, specials, group-on offer or other discount programs. Credits may not be transferred or combined or used for airfare, transportation, car rentals, taxi’s, hotel taxes, gratuities, retail merchandise (online or at the resorts), hotel spa treatments, in-room dining, or hotel activities.

What locations can I use/redeem my credits?

Your Guest Referral Program credits can be redeemed at any of our resorts. Visit the various location pages on the site for a list of location-specific features.

Can I use my credits and gift them to someone else who will attend with me?

No. Gifting or using credits for someone else is prohibited.

Can I bring my children?

We accommodate teens in our program (ages 14 – 17) but they must be accompanied by a participating adult. Guests 18+ may join us on their own. We have guests participate in our program at all ages, so no matter your age you won’t feel out of place!

If I get a group of my own, can I use their referral credits to fund my program?

Yes. When you refer 8 people who purchase and fully pay for a week long program, you will receive a free stay. See referral terms and conditions.

Can someone who has never been through the Biggest Loser Resort program earn referral credits to pay for their first program?

No. The Biggest Loser Resort Referral program is available for any past guest who successfully complete a week long program. Once you go through the program you can earn referral credits yourself.

What if I sign up and use my credits, but have to cancel due to an emergency or unexpected circumstances. Will I lose my points?

In the case of emergencies or unexpected program date changes, your referral credits will be transferred to your new program date(s). Please contact your Referral Program specialist for any blackout dates.

How do you track my referrals and credits?

We will track your referrals and credits. Your email address will be your enrollment ID. Any guest that you refer will need to quote your email address when making a booking so we can apply the relevant credit(s) to your account. If you have any questions, your referral program specialist can assist you further.

Is there a time limit on when I can redeem my credits for my next Biggest Loser Resort Program?

Yes. Your referral credits will accumulate over the course of the year and will be maintained as an active referral under your enrolled status. Credits will be frozen and/or deactivated if not redeemed within a 24-month calendar date, based on your enrollment date.

What if I get sick or injured during the program and I have to leave the program early? Will my credits be refunded for another program date?

No. The Biggest Loser Resort office will monitor sickness, injury or other emergencies and make recommendation on a case-by-case basis. However, credits will not be refunded or exchanged for alternate dates. Your Referral Program specialist will provide further details should this situation arise during your participation in your program dates.

I have an animal that I take with me everywhere because of anxiety. Is my animal allowed in my room, during programs, exercises and meals?

By Law, The Biggest Loser Resort destinations are fully compliant with any and all ADA requirements. Your service animal must have appropriate and legitimate paperwork recognized by the law. Animals are typically not allowed during the course of the program within our fitness facilities (outside or inside) due to safety, mechanical, and heat restrictions. Guests/owners who are ADA and require a service animal is honored as such and treated as we would any of our guests attending the Biggest Loser Resort program(s) and schedule of program activities. The hotel or venue has the right to charge for pet deposits, clean up and maintenance of the room, should you bring an animal to the property location.

Who do I call with questions?

You may contact the Guest Referral Program specialists at (844) 587-7475 or by email at guest.referrals@biggestloserresort.com.