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Spring Clean Your Workout

Ready to say goodbye to winter and say hello to spring? As the sun begins to shine and the flowers begin to bloom it’s a great time to come out of hibernation and get active. It won’t be long before you can ditch the winter layers, pull out your bright spring clothes and enjoy the outdoors as everything comes to life again.

Spring is a very motivational time with everyone feeling energized and excited. If you want to start exercising or become more active and not sure how to get started than watch our workout video below. It is important when exercising that you push yourself but you also need to take care not to push yourself too hard as this could cause injury.

Check out our Workout Video

At The Biggest Loser Resort, our guests experience a variety of fitness activities designed to challenge and be fun. Many of the guests participating in our program have not been exercising regularly so we teach them how to move their bodies properly and efficiently. The wellbeing of our guests is our number one priority so we work closely with each guest to keep them safe from injury.
Check out this short video by Betty, our fantastic Corporate Director of Fitness at The Biggest Loser Resort who demonstrates a great simple workout to get you moving this Spring.
The routine consists of a warm up and 3 exercises (3 Sets x 21, 3 Sets x 14, 3 Sets x 7), we’ve also incorporated various levels of difficulty for all levels of fitness.

If you enjoyed the video, watch our Stretching Routines and Tips video >>>

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