By: Matt Hagler, CEO – The Biggest Loser Resort

Spring is coming, time to get healthy?

I love spring, there is just something about it that makes everything in life more vibrant. It’s the colors, that fresh life green as tree’s push out new shoots or something as simple as watching your grass come back to life. The sun warm on your back on a crisp day and that smell as winter fades away and things begin to bloom. Ok-that’s my Disney intro now fade to the other reality. You know the one where we all spent the holiday season over indulging with friends and family followed by our renewed promise and vigor to be disciplined in our New Year’s resolutions to eat better, move more, take care of ourselves for the most noble of reasons. Our vision was so clear, how we would be a better parent, better spouse, a more complete version of ourselves. We are secure in the knowledge that taking care of ourselves must be our first priority and yet……

Spring is Here
First and foremost, you are not alone. All data and the most significant deterrence in the fight against obesity and metabolic syndrome is the lack of sustained engagement. Regardless of when or what you start, eating healthier, joining a gym, walking during your lunch break at work at the 6-8 week mark most people quit. No reason to beat yourself up but you should approach this with the knowledge that this is not enough time to form a new sustainable habit and set yourself up with safety nets to reinforce engagement when you know that human nature will begin to work against you. Figure out how to make it fun. Break the cycle of starting then feeling bad about yourself for not following through.

My wife and I are two completely different people when it comes to this approach. I’m a pain in the ass disciplinarian that must have a solid steady routine day after day or I’ll simply fall apart. If it is not a complete habit set I can’t stick with it. This approach bores her to tears. One of her tricks is to pick something in the future that she simply must be ready for. A trip to see the kids at the beach where she wants to be in a bathing suit, etc. One of my favorites is her desire to one day complete a marathon. So, the idea is that she signs up 6 months in advance forcing her to train to be ready. Our pictures here were meant for us to poke fun at ourselves as life got in the way of training. As the day drew near there was no way she was thinking of a half, let alone full marathon. So instead we chose to celebrate where we were and parked a car so we could run (really jog) 5 miles together, send goofy self-deprecating pictures to our kids, family and friends and call it a great day.

Spring is Here
The message:

Spring is coming…….be happy…….recognize this isn’t easy………determine your best ways to stay engaged……..always, always find ways to celebrate your successes!!!

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