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Easy Stretching Tips

Many of us spend long periods of the day sitting down, which can result in tight hamstrings and poor posture. This can impact simple things like walking, to keep muscles healthy and strong it is very important to stretch regularly. Flexibility is essential to maintain a range of motion in the joints, failing to stretch will shorten your muscles and cause tightness making it difficult for you to extend fully. This can result in a host of problems including muscle pain and soreness.

People often forget or ignore the importance of stretching for a variety of reasons which include time and underestimation of the benefits. Stretching properly delivers a range of benefits such as better posture, reduced chance of injury, increased blood flow and improved circulation for a healthier body and mind.

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At The Biggest Loser Resort, our guests experience a variety of fun fitness activities designed to challenge. Many guests participating in our program have not been exercising regularly so we teach them how to move their bodies properly and efficiently. The wellbeing of our guests is our number one priority. Therefore, we work closely with each guest to keep them safe from injury. Stretching is a key aspect of the work with do with all of our guests.
Check out this short video by Betty Herberger, Corporate Director of Fitness at The Biggest Loser Resort who demonstrates some easy stretching tips and routines so you can stretch both safely and effectively. These stretches do not require anything more than a bath towel and will take just 5 minutes of your day, so no excuses!

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