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Family Health and Wellness Plan

Learning how to create a healthier lifestyle is a fantastic lesson for all, particularly for those in their most impressionable, teenage years. As a guest of The Biggest Loser Resort, your teen will participate in the same physical workouts and educational classes as adults, while also enjoying the delicious spa cuisine and social time with fellow guests. This exciting, result driven weight loss and diet solution is designed to positively transform the way our teenage guests view food, nutrition, and exercise. Our experienced team of nutritionists and fitness experts will teach teenagers how to exercise properly and effectively, while simultaneously empowering everyone to believe in themselves. If it is time for your teen’s diet, motivation, and physical activity to make a positive transformation towards overall wellness, this program may be a powerful life changing and rewarding experience for them. From their relationship with food, to their understanding of fitness and calories, to the supportive network of like-minded individuals and weight loss professionals, your teenager will join you in undergoing a truly life-changing experience at The Biggest Loser Resort.


It is time to lead by example: show your teenager how to take charge of their life by booking your room at The Biggest Loser Resort today. Between morning hikes*, delicious spa cuisine, and the motivation from others on the same journey to wellness, your teenager will return home with a new relationship with food and a new, stronger relationship with you. Our program welcomes teens between the ages of 14-17 when accompanied by an adult (18 & up).


Our resorts do not provide daycare services, nor are children under the age of 14 allowed to stay in our accommodations or explore the facility without a responsible chaperone.


It’s time to lead by example: show your teenager how to take charge of his or her life by booking both of your rooms at The Biggest Loser Resort today.

*Hiking depends on location



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