Night OwlWork Out Strategy for Night Owls

By: Kitty Bradshaw

Who is to say you can’t work out at night? There are millions that do it for the simple fact that they are not morning people. By the time you get your coffee, watch the morning news, check emails, and snap out of your morning mood swing- it’s time to start your work day. Missing the opportunity for a workout is not an option so instead consider evening workouts.

Working out at night is the same as the morning except all the benefits occur in reverse. Instead of you getting the benefits of exercising to help you through your day, evening exercises help to conclude it. Had a stressful day at the office? Working off negative energy will help release some steam and provide clarity. Not only will it decrease your blood pressure it will also relax your muscles.

The less on your plate, the more time to focus which is another reason people choose the evening hours. Everyone has a different schedule and set of responsibilities. It’s hard to focus on you when your responsibilities such as work, kids, spouse, or running errands take priority. Once your daily activities are complete, you will have the needed focus to complete a successful workout.

For those of you that work out at the gym, evening hours provide less traffic. In most locations, the morning sessions include waiting in lines, or limiting time on your favorite machine. The evening hours provide reduced traffic. If you choose to exercise outside, I would suggest partnering with someone especially in remote and/ or dimly lit areas. Safety is key!

As we mentioned earlier not everyone is a morning person. You perform your best when you are fully awake and at full muscle peak. Only you can determined what time of day your body best performs. Some people are morning, while others are evening, but if you’re like me mid-day is when I am at my optimum speed. Pick a time that works best for you and create a workout around it.
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