By: Jen Johnson

Tips for a Healthier Halloween

Let’s be honest, Halloween isn’t the healthiest event of the year with all of the sweets and candy that are on display at the office, the stores, the parties and of course, your child’s trick-or-treat bag. But here are a few ideas that can help make healthy habits fun and memorable – even at Halloween!

1. Don’t toss your pumpkin seeds after making Jack-o-lanterns; roast them for a healthy and delicious snack!

2. Choose hard candies that you can’t eat as quickly or a “healthier” candy options such as dark chocolate (Dark chocolate contains potent antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties. Look for those with 70% cocoa or higher).

3. Having candy at home can be a huge temptation, avoid the candy temptation, wait until October 30th to buy it or buy the types of candies you and your family don’t like!

4. Turn healthy fruits and vegetables into fun Halloween treats! Add almond slivers to the tops of veggie sticks to make fingers, cut apple wedges and add almond slivers for teeth, or cut hard boiled eggs in half and place cut olive pieces on them to make a spider!

5. Feed your family a healthy dinner on Halloween night before trick or treating. A hearty, healthy, and early dinner will make everyone less hungry which means less candy is eaten that night. Serve lean protein and vegetables since loads of carbs will be consumed from the candy.

6. Remember, Halloween is only one day – so if you decide to indulge responsibly on some treats that night, don’t do so for the entire week following the holiday.

7. Is having leftover candy too much of a temptation? Considering donating it to charity or sending a Halloween care package to a soldier overseas!

The Biggest Loser Resort wishes you and your family a Healthy & Happy Halloween!

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