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Using Your 2015 Account

Step 1: Double-check with your Plan

We recommend you call your plan and confirm that you can apply your FSA, HSA, HRA, or MSA dollars to a weight loss program recommended by a physician for the purposes of managing obesity or hypertension. The IRS says yes but we recommend you double-confirm with your particular plan.

Step 2: See Your Physician

Print out and bring this Letter of Medical Necessity to your doctor. If your doctor determines that you have a weight-related medical condition and feels more comprehensive obesity management services are advised, have her or him fill out and sign the form.

Step 3: Book Your Stay

Call BLR to book your stay.

Step 4: Experience BLR and Submit

After your stay at BLR submit your signed Letter of Medical Necessity and your BLR receipts to your plan.

Confused? Call us and we can help you understand the steps.

Already stayed with us? You may still be able to submit the Medical Necessity Form and proof of payment to your plan administrator. Call us and we can help you understand the steps.

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