By: Debra Hertzog – Life Coach at The Biggest Loser Resort Palm Desert

Weight Loss Retreat for Women

Has your weight gain left you feeling stressed, frustrated and not sure what sustainable changes you need to make to lose weight and re-ignite your zest for life?

If I am Woman, where’s my roar? Probably, your roar has become almost silent in the sea of life and the multitudes of daily roles you are required to play. It won’t take you long to realize that your “roar” is exhausted, lacking energy and direction; overshadowed by the noise of everyday life as a mother, carer, breadwinner, organizer, mentor, and head of the household to name but a few.

Many female guests attending our weight loss retreats unburden the load on their shoulders as they look at the weight around their midsection, thighs, hips with sighs of dismay over having to manage yet one more battle – their battle to lose the weight.

Somewhere buried the “I am Woman, hear me roar” is a self-critical overweight woman who is down on herself and disillusioned because of her negative body image, throwing up her hands not knowing what, where or how to win this almighty battle. Asking themselves, “How did I lose myself? How do I find happiness? How do I take time out for ME without feeling so guilty?”

Whilst we are not exclusively a weight loss retreat for women, over 70% of the guests attending our program are women of a variety of ages. Many of their stories are unique but all share some major commonalities; their busy lives have driven them into a state of non-activity; poor eating habits, confused about health and nutrition, eating processed foods that are quick and easily consumed on the fly. Combine that with the number of hormones (like Leptin and Cortisol) running rampant throughout the body and it’s no wonder our bodies are enslaved by cravings and have stopped metabolizing effectively; becoming fat-storing machines.

Amidst the clutter of television, the information and misinformation about dieting and losing weight, social media body shaming, and Hollywood’s version of the “perfect body”. You may feel caught in your own self-fulfilled jail, sentencing yourself to a life of endless fad diets, poor choices, lack of sleep, denial and negative thought patterns.

You are not alone and The Biggest Loser Resort program has been designed to help people just like you. Our program takes a holistic approach and our immersive lifestyle program will arm you with the tools needed to attain your health and weight loss goals. Our resorts are located in beautiful settings so you will be in the perfect environment to reinvigorate your mind, body, and soul. Our program provides you an opportunity for you to invest in yourself and focus solely on your well-being so you can win the battle with your weight, transforming you into the best possible version of yourself.

We encourage practical participation and the program is dedicated to de-mystifying the weight loss journey. During your time at our resort, you will learn from our team of experts in Wellness, Nutrition, and Fitness whose sole purpose is to help you achieve your goals. We will teach you the practical steps you should take to continue your weight loss journey once you get back to your home life, and overcome the temptations and challenges you will undoubtedly face.

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