By: Matt Hagler, CEO – The Biggest Loser Resort

So, if you’re looking for a weight loss “Spa” experience you’re in the wrong place. It’s not that when you stay with us that there aren’t Spa services that you would expect at the best facilities in the Country. Our resorts offer premier locations with all the pampering experiences one could desire.vWhat’s different about this experience is that it’s serious.v It’s about you making an investment in yourself, in your body, in an intellectual and emotional approach to your health.vIt’s an immersion program meaning that from 6am until just after dinner you will be engaged with personal trainers, dietician/nutritionists, and wellness/life coaches focused on giving you the real-life skills and knowledge to reach your goals. By structuring the program in this manner we offer personalized services at a substantially lower cost than others in the market.

Our programs/curriculum are backed by science and follow the guidelines of the United States Preventive Services Task Force. Our guests build relationships with their fellow travelers and clinicians sharing the challenges they face and coming to understand they are not alone. I can’t begin to tell you the satisfaction our associates/clinicians feel when they hear the elation and pride as guests learn to care for themselves. The rewards keep coming as we keep in touch and hear stories of being able to enjoy life more fully and the added benefit of becoming a better parent, spouse, grandparents, etc.

If you’re frustrated and tired of promises, shortcuts and oversimplified offers to lose weight “quick and easy” or by taking a few classes research us. We think you’ll find you’re worth the investment.

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