Get MovingOur Ability to Get Moving

By: Betty Herberger

In life we look at working out as a “chore” for the most part. We dread it, in other words we hear the word workout and 90% of us are like “ugh”! Firstly, we are so busy in life, when we are working out we should not be doing activities we do not like. We seldom take time for ourselves, so when we do, we need enjoy it. In other words, we must find an activity that we enjoy that appeals to us. If it is not enjoyable than we will probably not continue it for very long. Secondly, if you do not like the word workout don’t use it! When we were young we played with our friends, we stayed out till we were told to come in. When we were outside guess what we were doing?

We were active and moving, we were working out and just did not know it. We all have the amazing ability to move our bodies and it is too easy to take this ability for granted until it is taken away from us, whether it is through sickness or injury. When that happens, we wish we could go for a walk, a bike ride or play sports. Why does it take something like that to happen for us to realize that we have this amazing ability?

Instead of us telling yourself that you need to go workout, look at it as this, we are lucky to have this amazing ability. Ask yourself this, if you tell yourself you have to go workout, What is you reaction? If you tell yourself you just have to go move for whatever amount of time that day allows for, what would be your reaction?

WalkingA good way to keep track of this is to buy a dry erase board and place it on your fridge or some where visible. Everyday at the end of the day write down how many active minutes you had, then at the end of the week total them up and VOILA!

This technique allows life to happen because it will, and you may not go to the gym one day but you can still walk for 5 minutes and place it in the bank for total active minutes. If you would like to get more technology savvy, I use the Garmin Vivo Ft and I love it. It will automatically tell you how many active minutes you had at the end of the day and how many steps you were at. I will leave you with this if you are having a hard time getting started, buy a pedometer and track what your Normal steps are in a day.

If they are 10,000 then you are doing great maybe challenge yourself and increase to 12-13,000. If they are not 10,000 make that your first goal, because on a daily bases we should be hitting 10,000 steps a day, but the scary thing is that the majority of us barley make it to 5,000 because of our desk jobs. If you find your self struggling to hit 10,000 place an alarm on your phone to go off every couple hours and when it does take a walk down the hall way and back your step will add up fast and I bet my shoe collection, which is very precious to me, it will help you be more productive. Remember this is something that gets you something, but nothing will get you nothing. So even 5 seconds is better than 0 seconds. Now go get up!!

Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I am awesome and I can do anything i believe in!

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