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The most well known and trusted weight loss resorts brand in the US, we are proud to have the opportunity to help thousands of people transform their lives. Our unique weight loss resorts program has been designed to teach everyday people the techniques needed to achieve sustainable weight loss and overcome their challenges with their weight. So rest assured if you choose our weight loss resorts you will be in the very best hands.

2015 Weight Loss Spa Award
2014 Weight Loss Spa Award
2013 Weight Loss Spa Award

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At The Biggest Loser Resort we understand that weight loss is a personal challenge, we have developed a weight loss program to equip people with with the skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve their health goals. If you are seeking to make a lasting change and lose weight healthily than our weight loss retreats are the perfect place.

We do not take shortcuts, the comprehensive nature of our program means that all of our weight loss resorts provide emotional, education, physical and nutritional support from a team of highly qualified professionals with one goal-your success!! Upon leaving our weight loss resorts you'll be revitalized and will possess the tools to continue your weight loss journey when you get back home.

Our weight loss resorts are the best around and we have gathered a team of passionate professionals whose complete focused is to empower people to take control and transform their health. During our weight management program you will work with highly experienced, qualified coaches and wellness counselors. All our trainers hold certifications by nationally-recognized organizations. All nutritionists hold a Registered Dietitian designation and/or degrees in dietetics/nutrition from respected universities. And all counselors hold degrees and are certified or hold certificates in their respective fields.

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