Benefits of Visiting a Weight Loss Retreat

By: Jen Johnson – The Biggest Loser Resort

The benefits of visiting a weight loss retreat

You are probably reading this and asking yourself why should I invest what seems like a significant sum of money to attend a weight loss retreat? Every day we meet people who have tried every possible method to lose weight including fad diets, extreme exercise regimes, gym memberships, bariatric surgery, weight loss pills. The list goes on and on, no matter how extreme or ridiculous, we have encountered someone who has tried it. This is driven largely by modern day societies desire for quick fixes, no matter how complex the problem.

If you Google “weight loss” you will be presented with page upon page instructing you on the steps you should take shed those unwanted pounds. Having worked with tens of thousands of people of varying ages, genders and demographics we know that there is no quick fix so any solution that advocates fast weight loss is probably unsustainable. These so called fast weight loss methods can yield results in the short term, but most people who are overweight have developed unhealthy patterns over years if not decades. This means that eventually most people will inevitably revert back to learnt behaviors resulting in the unwanted weight coming back. The emotional impact of this can be devastating because the euphoria because you looked good and finally felt you found a solution that worked. As the weight eventually piles back on, you are left feeling disheartened, lost and somewhat resigned.

When people call us to enquire about our weight loss retreats, many are focused on the scale with a specific number in their mind, this thinking has lead them to go through an exhausting process that has made losing weight a never ending battle with constant knock backs. Losing lots of weight over a short period of time is not healthy, to achieve sustainable and healthy weight loss you must change your lifestyle and address unhealthy behaviors. Based on your historic false starts and failed attempts, this can sound daunting and an insurmountable prospect but this is where a weight loss retreat like The Biggest Loser Resort is the perfect solution. Our weight loss program focuses on making the process of losing weight positive, this will enable you to make the necessary lifestyle changes so you can achieve your weight loss goals. Here are 10 reasons why our weight loss retreats are such a great choice:

Meet Like Minded People

You will meet people with similar challenges and experiences, this means there is a high level of empathy and understanding that creates a great bond with fellow guests. During fitness sessions people can struggle at times but a few words of encouragement from another participant have an enormously motivating impact.

Complete Focus On Yourself

Like many people attending our resorts you probably have a hectic family life with as well as other commitments, the result is that you are busy taking care of everyone but yourself. When attending any of our weight loss retreats we take care of everything so you are able focus 100% on getting yourself healthy.

Motivating Environment

Each of our weight loss centers are set in beautiful surroundings that are perfect to foster a sense of motivation for weight loss. The grandiosity of the scenery makes outdoor activities especially enjoyable and the environment stimulates the mind to focus, enabling a greater chance to achieve your goals. Each of our resorts are unique but they all share exceptional service and amenities.

Relax and Rejuvenate

As well as taking care of your physically, we take care of your mental wellbeing because both are essential for your to be successful. Each of our weight loss retreats have fantastic full service spas so during your downtime you can indulge yourself by having a spa treatment for peaceful and relaxing therapy for both body and mind.


Exercise is essential for weight loss, but we also recognize that you don’t have hours of free time to go to the gym so all our workouts are designed so they can be done anywhere and take just 45 minutes. We work closely with you so you move with proper form so you receive the maximum benefit. All our workouts are specially formulated so they are challenging but also fun. If you are feeling nervous about this aspect of the program don’t worry not we will tailor the workouts to your fitness levels so no one is left behind.

Nutrition & Healthy Eating

During our program all meals and snacks are provided, our delicious diet plan has been specifically developed for weight loss and acts as a gentle detox. All the meals we serve are freshly prepared using organic, unprocessed and Non-GMO ingredients. Our chefs perform informative cooking demonstrations; showing you how to create healthy meals and snacks at home and other food preparation tips!

Amazing Staff

During your stay you will be supported by a highly qualified and passionate team. Across all of our weight loss retreats everyone is focused on helping you achieve your weight loss goals and delivering a unbelievable experience. The team do an amazing job at building a camaraderie amongst fellow guests and also meet peoples individuals needs.

Life Coaching

You will work with certified life coaches who will help you to develop a new mindset so you can break old behaviors and unhealthy patterns. You will delve deep into the reasons why you react in certain ways and learn to develop an fresh approach to leading a healthy lifestyle.


We have made our weight loss program a life-changing experience and this includes having lots of fun. All our sessions have been specifically designed to be informative yet enjoyable. During your stay at you will feel invigorated and leave feeling motivated to take control of your life and achieve your weight loss goals.

Gain a Toolbox of Skills

We aim to help you to lose weight whilst at our resort but we also equip you with the skills and knowledge to successfully continue your weight loss journey when you get back home.

The benefits of visiting a weight loss retreat

8 Responses to Benefits of Visiting a Weight Loss Retreat

    • BLR

      The number of weeks you stay depends very much on the goal you want to achieve during your stay. Guests staying 1 week get a great kickstart, this is because their bodies are adjusting to the changes in food and increased activity. Guests staying multiple weeks make significant progress because after the initial adjustment they feel much healthier and are able to increase the intensity of their workouts. Also when staying multiple weeks, people can arrange one-on-one sessions if they need additional help in any specific area.

  1. Diane Stevens

    Do you have any catalogs that you can send out about your resorts and how much they cost. Also, how long is each retreat because when you work you have to plan ahead.

    • BLR

      Our program runs in 7-day cycles with the minimum stay being one week. Check-in and check-out are always on Sunday. Guests are welcome to stay for as long as they wish with many guests stay for multiple weeks at a time.

  2. Dave Anderson

    That is a good point that for weight loss, exercise is a must have. Maybe I should start going to a place that can help me to effectively exercise and lose weight. That is something I am going to have to start looking for soon.

  3. Katie Wilson

    Thanks for explaining how going to a weight loss center can help you meet like-minded people. I agree that you want to visit a center in order to know they are right for you. My husband and I are looking for a way to lose weight, so maybe we should consider visiting a center.

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