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Corporate Health Retreats and Team Building

A healthy team is a happy and productive team. Get in shape together and give your team the gift of health! There is no better team building activity than bonding over something so important.

American industries lose about $32 billion and 132 million workdays every year because of employees’ illness and premature deaths related to heart disease. The annual medical costs for overweight/obese employees are five times that of normal weight employees.

At the Biggest Loser Resort, we recognize that improving employee health and happiness in the workplace ultimately leads to greater efficiency and optimal performance. We cater to companies searching for ways to reduce weight-related health care costs by integrating our results-driven weight loss program into a wonderful corporate setting.

Our corporate wellness program combines fitness, interactive workshops on nutrition, wellness coaching, and team building to effectively boost morale and encourage healthier, happier and more productive employees.

The Biggest Loser Resort locations, Amelia Island, Chicago, Niagara and Palm Desert offer a comfortable environment that enhances creative thinking and optimism. With our gracious accommodations, nutritious dining, superb facilities and countless amenities, we can assure you hassle free meetings that yields great results for intimate groups of up to 100 people. Your meeting arrangements will run flawlessly and your executives will thrive in a healthy, focused environment.

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Biggest Loser Resort – Business Opportunities

The Biggest Loser Resort, the award winning company based on the hit NBC television show, “The Biggest Loser” is actively seeking properties for expansion nationwide.

Our partnership with NBC’s hit “The Biggest Loser” gains tremendous exposure each week in 90 countries that become acquainted with The Biggest Loser Resort” brand. The Biggest Loser Resort has been featured in national print media, magazines, online media, press releases, and spa publications worldwide.

The Biggest Loser Resort is founded upon five brand pillars: fitness, nutrition, education, relaxation, and group camaraderie, all of which are heavily integrated into each of its destination-based weight loss programs. Each Biggest Loser Resort offers a safe, approachable, and effective retreat where guests achieve results through custom built fitness routines, nutritional education, stress management and life skills workshops aided by the support of teammates and professional group leaders.


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