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Jumoke’s Journey at The Biggest Loser Resort

Call us today to find out more about our results-driven health and weight loss program, we have helped thousands of people just like Jumoke Hill to successfully kick start their weight loss journey. Our goal is your success, to achieve your objectives you will be supported by our passionate team in a wonderful setting with fantastic facilities. We appreciate that everyone’s situations are different but the emotions conveyed in Jumoke’s journey are typical of many people going through our program.

Meet Jumoke Hill

Jumoke’s story is not only inspirational, but a great representation of our program’s mission. At one point in his life, Jumoke weighed over 600 pounds. He didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. Jumoke made the decision that he was going to overcome his obstacles and conquer his fears.

Jumoke had a passion for dancing, so he began making dance videos and before long became a YouTube sensation! He was even asked to appear on the TV show, The Real, where he was given a free week stay at The Biggest Loser Resort from none other than JD Roth (Executive Producer of The Biggest Loser)!

“I feel (physically) stronger, mentally stronger, and now feel I can take on anything. That’s what I got from The Biggest Loser Resort program.”

Day 0 – Excited & nervous about the week ahead

Day 1 – First full day of program (EXHAUSTED)

Day 2 – Exercise routine (Everything Hurts!)

Day 3 – Crazy start to day but I survived

Day 4 – Learning so much about healthy eating

Day 5 – Last full day (I don’t wanna go!)

Day 6 – Final weigh in (Lost 15lbs!)