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I first came to BLR Amelia Island in March 2015 for a spring “tune-up”—to lose five pounds or so and get some sun. The one-week visit was a revelation! BLR Amelia Island provides a comprehensive program of weight training, aerobic training, stretching, hydration, nutrition and nutritional tips, and life coaching that is life-changing. What an immensely worthwhile experience! I came back in 2016, and will no doubt be back again next year. I have had many personal trainers over the years, and Betty Herberger and Ron Rodriguez are simply SUPERB, the best-of-the-best. What makes them stand out is that they truly care about the individual successes of each and every person; they meet each one of us where we’re at in the moment. In addition, each training session is unique, and they make it so much fun! The time flies by, and before you know it, the session is over and one feels a great sense of accomplishment

– Addie, Previous Guest Biggest Loser Amelia Island

I’m so grateful for being chosen as a contestant on The Biggest Loser for many reasons and one of those is experiencing The Biggest Loser Resorts. The staff is amazing and totally care about your well being to becoming strong both mentally and physically. The program proves that a healthy lifestyle is doable with any busy schedule. The workouts are great and the food is fantastic!! The resorts are a wonderful way to focus on yourself, whether a new journey to a healthy life or an addition to the one you’re already on. Motivation, encouragement, nutritional education and support is the definition to BLR. You’ll leave so empowered and strong. You will also gain a new family….the BLR family!!

– Jennifer, Previous Biggest Loser Contestant

The program turned my life around! I have stayed with the eating plan and feel great. I make good choices! Choosing organic, grass fed, no additives or funky ingredients. Since January 3, I am gluten free, sugar (refined sugar, I do use stevia), alcohol free, caffeine free and almost dairy free!! My overall health has improved (cholesterol: 160) and I no longer have cravings for really bad foods. My weight has continued to drop and I have lost a total of 16 pounds….that is a huge difference for me. Size 6 and 8 no longer scare me. However, I am stuck at 16 pounds. My exercise has slowed down with a hectic life/family/kids/dogs etc. NO EXCUSES THOUGH, I KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO TO GET MOVING AGAIN. I NEED TO JACK UP MY EXERCISE AND DRINK MORE WATER. At least I know what to do and I know it will work. Overall, it was a life changing experience for me. I was stagnant for sooooooo long and believed that I couldn’t lose weight. Well, my 3 weeks at Palm Desert proved me wrong – and I am thankful.

– Kathleen, Previous Biggest Loser Resort Palm Desert Guest

It has now been nearly two weeks since my visit to the resort. Everyone has asked me how it was and I have used the words fantastic, transformative, fun and effective! I have recommended it to everyone some of whom you might even see…As of this moment I am ten pounds, did you hear that TEN pounds lighter than the day I met Kathy in the reception area!!! I have been diligent and have to admit that it takes my full concentration, planning and food prep but I am thoroughly enjoying the process because there is immediate feedback in how clothes fit and how I feel plus the scale. I have learned that splurge days are thoroughly enjoyable when they are planned and not complete runaways. Hard as it is to admit splurge days keep you on track. I never would have said that before! Regina the pairing of carb and protein at snack time is magical and is that little thing that I felt I was doing wrong but didn’t know what it was. Thank you. At the end of my week I felt invigorated, happy and motivated. That feeling persists and I will keep you posted.

– Chris, Previous Biggest Loser Resort Palm Desert Guest

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I received the letter to myself yesterday and felt compelled to write to you all. I opened the letter, read it, cried because I did it, and didn’t give up once I got home. Holly & Joey can attest to my emotional side based on my crying during weigh in results. While visiting you, I set a goal to lose 10lb by 8/31/16. Well 8/31/16 came and went and I didn’t make it, BUT, on September 1st, I reintroduced myself to ONEderland. weighing in at 199.2 attaining my goal, plus seeing 100 on the scale for the first time in about 5 years-maybe even more. While I have not been able to incorporate the entire program, exercise and diet, I have been able to continue the diet by eating clean, and as of this writing I am down 14.6lb. You all really changed my life, and I really needed you all to know that.

– Maria, Previous Biggest Loser Resort Palm Desert Guest