Playing the Game of Health: A Lifestyle Worth Living

Invest in your health advice on blackboardStaying the Course

By: Kitty Bradshaw

The previous post cover lifestyle changes and fun activities to help you win the Game of Health. In this post we will cover incorporating health and fitness into your existing lifestyle by pointing out resources available to you. You advance in the game when you lead a healthy lifestyle as opposed to being led by it.

Below are a few more suggestions to help give you an edge.

Restaurant Table1. Reviewing menus before arriving at a restaurant- If you created a list like the one we discussed in our first post on acceptable foods, you will have an idea of what you can eat. Looking up the menu online ahead of time can cut down on the risk for straying off your path. You can request modifications and/or special request while ordering your meal. Asking if the skin can be removed from chicken, grilled not fried, or not adding salt are a few examples of acceptable request that can be made at most restaurants. If it is a restaurant where menu that changes daily, call ahead and ask the chef if there are meals that can be created for people with special dietary needs.

Exercise Sign2. Exercise while Traveling- use an activity tacking device like a Fitbit and trying to beat the walking goals. Take stairs instead of elevators or visit hotel gyms and swimming pools. There may even be some walking trails near where you’re staying at.

Lunchbox3. Packing Lunches and Dinners – Meal planning and prep can give you a huge advantage while on a diet. Not only can you bring lunches to work, you can bring meals to a restaurant if you are in a group and explain that you are on a special diet. Note: you may have to pay a plating fee. Call ahead to see if the restaurant will allow it.

megaphone4. Alert your Friends- It takes a village and in this case the community needs to know in order to support you through your journey. Your friends and family will take you into consideration when planning dinner parties and group outings by picking menus and restaurants that cater to health conscious individuals. Remember, you can eat and still lose weight, it just takes a bit of planning and effort beforehand.

Gift5. Reward yourself for Milestones- My personal favorite personal reward is an expensive handbag or a trip. Personal rewards can include a new dress, or a piece of jewelry. Give yourself something to work up to by rewarding yourself for goals big or small.

We hope that our Game of Health series has provided you with ideas for a winning strategy. Be sure to consult with a doctor and/ or nutritionist before beginning any diets and/or supplements. Also, check back often as our site as we will continue to post health & fitness related items to help you along the way of your health and fitness journey.
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